AT&T — Owen On the move

Our client came to us with an interesting challenge: Create a branded character for myAT&T — AT&T's mobile app — that would resonate with audiences as much as some of AT&T's other branded characters have in the past and, ultimately, help reduce the number of phone calls to AT&T's customer service centers. 

So we created Owen, AT&T's new Customer Satisfaction Engineer. He's a polite, witty, and semi-awkward cultural omnivore, in tune with the world around him. Owen spends his days roaming the country, helping people get the most out of their relationship with AT&T. And that usually means showing them how myAT&T is a faster way to stay on top of things.

Sizzle Video

Here's a short video to introduce you to Owen, what he does, and some of the interesting places he finds himself.

Awareness Videos

We used Owen to highlight many of the things you can do with the myAT&T app. We wrote a huge pile of scripts that put Owen in various interesting settings, and created over 30 videos to highlight the various myAT&T app features. Here's just one of the videos:

SOCIAL content

To help spread the word about Owen, we created a ton of short pieces of social content on the fly during the shoot that ended up running across Facebook and Twitter. The content included static image posts, videos, and tweets. Here are a couple of the videos that ran on AT&T's social channels:

The next step...

Our client was so happy with the Owen work we created for them, that we were soon asked to use Owen to create content for other AT&T brand properties. The first foray into additional content was to use Owen to create videos and social content for AT&T's mobile insurance partner, Asurion. Here's one of the videos we created for them to tell people about their mobile insurance services:

additional work

A lot of other Owen deliverables were created, but aren't shown here: Banner ads, specific social posts & social copy, website skins, website design tweaks, additional awareness videos, and 20-something how-to videos that explain app features like resetting your voicemail password, upgrading your data plan, adding international calling to your plan, etc.

Please note: There is a case study video with data to backup the success of this campaign, but I don't have clearance to post it quite yet.

Credits: CD: Tim Hoppin // ACD: Max Menath // AD: Casey Church & Nate Hinners // CW: Jessi Brown & Luke Hausman // Des: Nate Hinners