Microsoft Office — Reactive Social

As the creative lead of Microsoft Office's experimental Reactive Social team, I worked to develop a process for my team that had some serious results: we blew away every metric and KPI we were measured against (engagement and click-thru rate) by up to 1200% in some cases.

So what does reactive mean, exactly? We were the team that created social content, in near real-time, that aligned with daily trending hashtags on Twitter and Facebook. Basically we were a social media hit squad, like the Navy SEALs of social media. But with less face paint (usually) and definitely fewer weapons. We also handled urgent one-off ad hoc requests from the client when the trending hashtags of the day weren't relevant to the Microsoft Office brand.

In its first 6 months, the reactive team cranked out hundreds pieces of content, give or take. Here are just a few examples of our reactive and ad hoc work:


This was part of a larger all-up Microsoft campaign called #Your24 that the Office channel took part in. It served to highlight all of the things a person can do with each extra hour of their extra day on Leap Day.


Credits: CD: Marco Kelso AD: Nate Hinners CW: Carla Sparks Des: Nate Hinners, Dave DiMuro, Laura Gomez