Troll Tax

To combat the rise of trolling on Twitter, we created a tool to donate to charities in a troll's name.

How to works: Anytime a troll posts on Twitter, the URL of the tweet can be entered into and used to donate to a selection of non-profit organizations in the troll’s name. Once the donation is made, users can then tweet a confirmation back at the troll, announcing publicly that their trolling prompted a donation.

As Seen In: Fast Company  |   Agency Spy  |   The Guardian  |   Campaign Live

Explanation Video


I designed the identity for Troll Tax, with an eye toward striking the balance between the seriousness of the issue of trolling while keeping it light hearted. After a few iterations, we landed on what you see here — a playfully serious identity.


Home page

The website features the explanation video, a donation leader board, and a list of the charities that Troll Tax allows you to donate to.


Credits: Creative Directors: David Baldwin, Bob Ranew, Hunter Simms  //  Developers: Kevin Haight, Seth Callaway  //  Designer & Art Director: Nate Hinners  //  Writers: Seth Callaway, Michael Barbano, Chad Temples  //  Animator: Yulia Ruditskaya