We push the boundaries of design, ourselves and our clients, focusing specifically on regional Southeastern and local Savannah clients. We’re a small but mighty team that does lots of branding, web design and packaging design.

FREELANCE SR. Art Director/Designer


I’ve always taken on freelance work, even on top of my day job at various agencies around the country. What can I say, I like making things! I have a laptop, passport, and will go anywhere the work is cool.



Krispy Kreme, Long John Silvers, Bridgestone, Cree, a handful of smaller brands, internal projects and new business pitches.


art director & senior Designer, 2014—2016

We are optimists, enthusiasts, and pioneers who combine the best of the best in strategy and creative to produce amazing results for our clients. I worked on Hornitos Tequila, IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), Microsoft Edge, Coca-Cola, Microsoft Office, AT&T, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Also lots of helping out on pitches and internal agency projects in the midst of everything else.



I got to help the world's fastest growing beauty brand develop its explosive momentum through crafting digital campaigns and social media concepts that ranged from one-off Facebook posts to larger multi-day brand stories. I also because frighteningly adept at creating makeup tutorials for Pinterest, which was as hilarious and awkward as it sounds.


Art director & designer, 2013—2014

I worked mostly on T-Mobile, but also on KEXP and Bumbershoot Music Festival. I worked on everything from helping lead the digital efforts of T-Mobile's award winning "Catch Jeremy" campaign to cranking out mobile banners. I also helped develop and evolve T-Mobile's customer-facing look and feel that you currently see on TV and plastered on billboards all over town.


ART DIRECTOR (intern), 2013

I worked mainly on Bolthouse Farms, Toshiba, and a few new business pitches. I helped create in-store collateral for Bolthouse Farms, created banners for Toshiba, and helped concept & produce new business pitches for The Susan G. Komen Foundation and TGI Friday's. I worked with some very awesome ex-CP+B ECDs who taught me a lot about laughing in spite of working until 4 in the morning.

Head Vs. Heart LLC

owner & Designer, 2007—2011

I owned and ran a clothing company that I started for 4 very educational years that were filled with lots of learning-as-I-go moments. It began in my garage and grew to have customers around the world, as well as invites to Fashion Week events in NYC and London. I handled all clothing, collateral, and website design as well as front end HTML & CSS website programming.


the creative circus

graphic design, 2011 — 2012

I learned how to do what seemed impossible with a smile on my face. I also learned how to draw 300 thumbnail sketches without crawling under the table and crying.

Columbia College

Acting performance, 2003 — 2007

I got really comfortable being in front of a lot of people. Ask me about the time I was forced to sing (horribly, I might add) "The Girl From Ipanema" while on crutches in front of a theater full of people. Experiences like that taught me to not take myself so seriously.


Gold National ADDY's — T-Mobile's "Catch Jeremy" Microsite

Gold Regional ADDY's — T-Mobile's "Catch Jeremy" Microsite

Silver Seattle ADDY's — T-Mobile's "Catch Jeremy" Microsite

Effie's Shortlist — T-Mobile's "Catch Jeremy" Microsite

Young Glory Bronze — Wikipedia Brief

Various Creative Circus Student Awards — Ranging from Merits to Gold awards. Who cares.

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I help run Fuck Yeah Packaging! (Sorry mom, I promise I didn't come up with the name, I just help out on it).

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